Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is only a test...

Before I get too deep into my little production I want to animate a short test.

Baby sits in chair. Spoon with food enters. Baby bites spoon & food. Baby chews and swallows spoon.

That's it. Just a simple gag. Quick and easy to animate and evaluate.

Since I'm using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady to process my animation and they export animation at a frame rate of 25 frames per second (instead of the normal film speed of 24 fps) I want to see if this will make a difference. Also, I want to get a handle on the character design.

First I drew the key poses.

B1 - Baby in chair.

B8 - Baby leans forward with mouth wide open.

B11 - Baby bites spoon.

B23 - Back to start pose with baby eating the spoon.

After checking out these poses I decided to give the action a little more snap and made a more extreme open-mouth drawing.

B10 - That's pretty funny.
It goes between drawings B8, the open mouth and B11, the bite.

Now all I gotta do is inbetween it. No sweat.

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Kevin said...

Hey, you gotta blog!! Hurray!! Cool. Animation. Neato. You're in the animation business??